Hiking to the paradise of happy dolphins

How vividly we remember splashes of salty turquoise seawater, the suffocating heat of beautiful golden sand beach walkways and the luring coolness of ever green fern forests. And that one unforgettable moment we got to experience on our most tropical hike of our holiday.

This pearl of the South Island is New Zealand's smallest national park but also the most popular. During three days of hiking Abel Tasman's tramping tracks, which coil all the way along golden beaches, and to get back to square one, you can grab a water taxi comfortably back.

What a great walk! As the heat was reaching record braking high figures, our backpacks started to feel surprisingly heavy after climbing numerous hills. We gazed yearningly at sailboats slowly sailing through the calm weather and dreamt about dipping ourselves among the turquoise waves.

Suddenly we heard a curious rustling from a fern bush. We froze where we were standing and hoped for the best... Could it finally be the famous kiwi bird were looking for?

We however had to sigh of disappointment when a familiar looking wood pigeon couple launched flying to the next fern bush.

After sweaty hours and tougher kilometers we finally arrived to our marked campsite in the protection of a nice and calm beach cove. Now we had deserved our dip!

The sun slowly started to set for a night cap and on its way it coloured all small clouds into pink. We sat side by side on the beach sand and enjoyed this wonderful moment.

When two kayaks glided past us, we couldn’t believe our eyes! Right behind the tail of the kayak a cute small dolphin pod was jumping and splashing seawater. They seemed to be playing around each other and competing with the kayaks.

One dolphin did acrobatic high jumps right in front of our noses! We couldn't help but being enchanted, smile gratefully and enjoy this short moment.

We think we might have found the paradise of happy dolphins.

Titta & Thomas
IKILOMALLA travel blog