Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions for L-Fashion Group Oy’s website

Use of L-Fashion Group Oy’s online service (hereafter “website”) requires the website user to accept and comply with these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all use of the website and the written content and material on the website regardless of the format (hereafter “content”). Additionally, the website may contain sections or applications (such as the Webstore) to which these general terms and conditions shall apply in addition to special terms or instructions separately given, and the use of them may require registration.

Service Provider

Name: L-Fashion Group Oy
Domicile: Lahti, Finland
Address: Tiilimäenkatu 9, 15680 Lahti
Business ID: 0149158-5
Telephone: +358 3 822 111
Email: [email protected]

Changes to the website and content

L-Fashion Group Oy has the right to change the content, look, level of usability, and attributes related to the characteristics of the website at any time and for any reason without the obligation having to notify or compensate the user in advance, as well as to change these terms and conditions, or to discontinue the website partially or entirely. Moreover, L-Fashion Group Oy has the right to interrupt access to the website during maintenance and updating procedures without advance notification.


Cookies might be used on this website to measure and monitor the use of the website. Cookies help L-Fashion Group to improve the customer friendliness of its services and to offer more specific product recommendations, offers and rewards to the user. Third parties also can incorporate cookies on this website with L-Fashion Group’s permission. These third parties include Facebook and Google, for example. The third party will either deliver information to the service provider or offer services and a tailored experience directly to the user.

A cookie is a small text file the server saves on the user’s hard drive. With cookies, it’s possible to analyze how the website is being used and thus make the experience even better. Cookies are used in situations where the data is wanted to be saved while users browse from one site to another. The collected data is sent from the browser to the network server and it includes information about user settings, log-ins and the use of the website.

By using our website, the user accepts cookies to be saved on their devices. If the user doesn’t accept cookies, some of the functions may not be operative.

L-Fashion Group’s liability

L-Fashion Group Oy is not liable for any damages that the user incurs  from the use of or inability to use the website or content or for damages related to them. L-Fashion Group Oy aims to keep the website updated and error-free. L-Fashion Group Oy strives to correct website errors and operating malfunctions as promptly as possible. However, L-Fashion Group Oy does not guarantee that the website will function without any interruptions or errors, nor is it responsible for the correctness, reliability, errors, shortcomings, or inaccuracies of the information and content used on the website. Moreover, L-Fashion Group Oy cannot ensure the data security of the website, the content, or the data transferred via the website.   

L-Fashion Group Oy is not liable for any direct, indirect, immediate or consequential damages or for damages or special damages based on damage compensation obligation, including damages arising from loss of business, contract, revenue or data or from the interruption of business, caused by the use of or inability to use the website or content, regardless of whether the said damages are based on an agreement, infringement of rights, recklessness or other grounds and even if L-Fashion Group Oy were forewarned of the possibility of such damages. In all cases, L-Fashion Group Oy’s liability is limited to the maximum liability in accordance with the law.

Links to other websites

L-Fashion Group Oy is not liable in any respect for the content or functionality of other web services linked on its website. By accessing a linked page, the user accepts that L-Fashion Group Oy has no control over the pages nor the ability to influence the content of those pages.

Applicable law

The laws of Finland shall govern the use of the service and the interpretation of the terms and conditions. Any disputes regarding the agreement shall be settled in Helsinki District Court in accordance with Finnish legislation. Consumer users are entitled to take the issue to their local district court or to request a recommendation from the Consumer Disputes Board.

Effectiveness and modification of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions become effective at the time of updating (noted at the bottom of the web pages) and remain in effect until further notice. L-Fashion Group Oy is entitled to modify the terms and conditions, and the new terms and conditions shall become effective at the time of their publication. Use of the website by the user constitutes the user’s acceptance of the prevailing terms and conditions and the obligation to follow them as well as the terms and instructions separately provided on the website.   

Intellectual property rights

This website and the content on the website as well as other material ownership rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights are the property of L-Fashion Group Oy or its cooperation partners. All rights to the website, content and other materials on the website are reserved.

L-Fashion Group Oy grants to the user limited, revocable, non-exclusive, and personal rights to use the website and content only in accordance with these terms and conditions and with other terms and guidelines possibly provided on the website. The user may not modify or copy the website or content in full or in part, as is or as a modified version, nor share, distribute, transfer, publicly display or in any other way make them available to the public unless permission is specifically granted to do so in these terms and conditions or on the website (e.g. using social media buttons).The user has the right to store a temporary technical copy on his/her computer or other terminal as well as the right to print parts of the website for personal use.

Personal data

L-Fashion Group Oy handles personal information in accordance with the prevailing personal data legislation. The use of certain sections on the website, such as making purchases in the Webstore, requires the provision of personal data. L-Fashion Group Oy may store personal data in the ways permitted by legislation in its customer register and in its other, related registers of relevance. Additional information about the handling of personal data is available in the register description of the register in question