A husky tour in Swedish Lapland

From far away you can already hear the dog’s barking and their joyful Panting. Sledge dogs, leashed in pairs, stand in front of the traditional sleigh and long for the departure.

Leila scuttles nervously on her paws, being wrapped in small red socks. They are supposed to be a prevention against cold snow and sharp substrate. In contrast to her, Kiro still lies in the snow and relaxes a little before the tour starts. A closer look reveals his eyes in different colors.


While reaching the lake, where the tour starts, we get a very warm and euphoric greeting from the dogs. It takes only a couple of minutes until they capture your heart completely.

They also allow a good old tummy cuddle and as a reward we all get a kiss all over our faces.


Bevor we get started, we are going to be split up in smaller groups. The capacity of one sledge is up to three people. Snuggled in warm and comfy reindeer furs, we hear the sound of a signal and the tour starts. All eight dogs bark and show off their incredible strength.


After a few minutes a rhythm is found and the sledge seems to get nearly effortless through the deep snow. At the beginning of the tour we drive over a frozen lake: vast openness and untouched nature. Afterwards a forest area is passed. The dogs find their way through the tree rows as a matter of course. Only sometimes the guides correct the speed with a short order.


We stopped after around an hour for a short break. „ Who´s brave enough to drive the Husky sledge themselves?“, our guide asked. I just hesitated for a brief moment – I´ll never get this kind of opportunity again. So why not? Two minutes later I drove the Husky sledge through the beautiful nature of Swedish Lapland. It was awesome!

After a few minutes slow and careful driving I got used to the dogs and how to handle the sledge. So I wanted to try how fast the Husky’s and I can go. How swiftly!

Before I could really started to enjoy my new self- confidence and the drive it already happened. One of my feet’s got stuck in the deep snow. I felt a little bit doubtful and felt my new self – confidence flow away. Immediately after I stuck in the snow the Husky’s stopped and looked concerned in my direction. They feel every unevenness. I took my boot out of the snow and got ready again. There I was again!


Back at the lakeshore i noticed the first time how cold my hands and feet’s got during my adventure. But I don´t care – It was the first (and maybe last) drive with an old, traditional Husky sledge. I felt so rejoiced and just fraught with felicity.

Afterwards we all got some hot chocolate and snacks. Leila und Kiro lay blissfully in the snow and enjoyed our caress. A perfect day with awesome Husky’s in the beautiful nature of Swedish Lapland.