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IKILOMALLA is a travel blog by an adventurous couple Titta Pousi and Thomas Halloran who will tell stories of their dream trip around the world. Titta and Thomas are athletic and adventurous travelers who are undergoing the biggest travel of their lives from September 2015. The blog’s name "IKILOMALLA" is Finnish and means “forever on holiday”: Return tickets have not been bought! Titta and Thomas have kissed their permanent jobs goodbye in Finland, they have terminated the rent contract of their apartment and they have packed the little remains of their personal property in cardboard boxes.

IKILOMALLA journey will run along a rail track through Siberia and Mongolia, towards the Far East Asia and New Zealand. Titta and Thomas are dreaming of camping in the Siberian steppes, conquering the Great Wall of China, trekking in the Himalayas, deep-sea diving in turquoise waters, experiencing yoga retreats in natural silence, dancing Argentine tango in South America, and training Asian martial arts. IKILOMALLA blog posts describe what kind of sports activities you can experience around the world.

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Deserted island Monkeys of Africa

The ocean's surface is like a mirror, it reminds us of our beloved Kannusjärvi lake back in Finland on a calm day. A salty whiff of seaweed is in the air and above us floats a light curtain of clouds.

We are sitting on the side of our boat which glides its way through the ocean and wondering at ...

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Morning swim with dolphins

The morning sunrise is creeping to the horizon as we dip our toes in the cool ocean water and climb onto our boat that has been waiting for us in the shallow coastline.

Our boat’s engine roars to life from its deep sleep and blasts away our morning tiredness. Our captain navigates us with fier ...

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Travel energy from sunrises

During the last months we have been dog and house sitters on the East Coast of Australia, working at gaining more muscles and gathering new energy for our next adventures.

During the Australian winters the morning sunrises are slightly after six and we have nearly every morning got up to admire ...

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Hiking through the land of dinosaurs

Awesome red sandstone cliffs are rising high into the sky in a desert in the middle of nowhere. This place is full of dangerously steep cliffs and high ledges that may crumble and fall at any given moment. We are the only people in the middle of these slowly collapsing sandstone canyons. The sun ...

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Hiking along a Dragon’s spine

There was only us on the isolated Great Wall of China. An orange morning sun had just risen up from the thick mist and the air was still slightly chilly after an autumn night.

Since the early days the Great Wall of China in Gubeikou has been one of the most important Chinese military defence b ...

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Hiking to the paradise of happy dolphins

How vividly we remember splashes of salty turquoise seawater, the suffocating heat of beautiful golden sand beach walkways and the luring coolness of ever green fern forests. And that one unforgettable moment we got to experience on our most tropical hike of our holiday.

This pearl of the Sout ...

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