The IGLOOTEL Lapland is a hotel made of snow and ice in the beautiful and mainly unaffected surrounding of Swedish Lapland. Within an area of approximately 900 m², this unique location consists of a huge Bar-IGLOO, 2 Event-IGLOOs, 10 individual Sleeping-IGLOOs as well as an outdoor hot tub area with a wooden sauna.

Every year, when temperatures reach the freezing point the snow cannons start to work 24/7. The snow being produced is thrown all over special customized balloons by diggers. Subsequent to this they are taken out and we start with completing the interiors. The design within is created by students from the German school of art and architecture in Aachen. They are responsible for giving the IGLOOTEL an individual look every year.

This year’s theme of the IGLOOTEL is: The arctic people and the 21th century. In the space of the artic zone many changes took place, including climate change and new technologies. These changes are illustrated in the art of the IGLOO. An example for this would be the banishment of kayaks and husky sledges out of public life to museums and simultaneously the increased use of motor bikes, cars, snowmobiles, mobile phones and boats. This transformation is shown in the first Event-IGLOO. Despite different ways of living the northern culture, all Sami have something in common: their geographical location. Therefore you can find a map in the second Event-IGLOO that shows all northern countries above the 60th north latitude. This map is one-of-a-kind as it is from the inner perspective of the globe, rather than looking at it from the outside view.

In front of the IGLOOTEL is a wall build out of snow where our IGLOOTEL sign with big letters is written in. An abstract dune of snow covers the lower part of the logo. At the entrance of the IGLOOTEL the visitors get an overview of the IGLOOTEL as there is a map, which is made out of ice. The Reception-IGLOO includes an ice-column with a height of four meters and a weight of 1, 5 barrel. Within the column you can find a Sami tie. The end of the tie merges into cables to show off the connection to the 21th century. The followed snow corridors are made on behalf of the design of an electrical board. Beside the design they are also used as hints to find your way to the ten SLEEPING-IGLOOS. They have different patterns; due to this each SLEEPING-IGLOO represents another artic tribe. By using the integrated QR Code, the visitors are able to get exceeding information about the respective people.

Another Highlight this year is the SOCCER-IGLOO being especially beloved on Thursdays where our After Work Party takes place. Alongside with the FIRE-IGLOO for barbecues, there is another one with three whirlpools and if you are lucky you can sit in there, see northern lights and just relax. Furthermore you can choose between a wooden sauna outside and normal ones inside the sanitary area, which is directly attached to the IGLOOTEL for your own comfort.

Northern Lights are of course one of the main attraction. Hence you can always see them within a video in our little LOUNGE-IGLOO.

After a construction time of 1, 5 months the IGLOOTEL is finished and useable as a hotel, event location, bar or restaurant. Staying here is an experience you will never forget. Combined with one of the unique activities like a husky tour, snowmobile tour, driving-on-ice or ice fishing, this adventure can be unique and memorable for you.


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