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On our website, you may look at our actual collections and our catalogues. Also you may get informed about our contract partners, who sell our products. It is also possible to reserve products at several of our contract partners via our website. In case of a reservation, the reservated products will be held in readiness for you by our correspondent contract partner for the duration of 7 days from your reservation on. The reservation for both sides is without obligation. It is neither for you nor for our contract partner an offer of a purchase contract. A binding order or a purchase of our products via this website is not possible. You can buy our products only from our contract partners in their shops or via their websites. A sale contract of an end customer regarding one of our products and us neither occurs in case of a reservation via our website, but only with the selling contract partner.


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This website and its contents are provided at no charge and “as they are”, without any warranty. The content of this website is only for information, it is given noncommittal and is neither an offer of contract nor an obligation to buy the exhibited articles.

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The liability exclusion is not valid in the event of wilful intent or gross negligence, fraudulent concealment of a defect and for damages arising from injury to life, limb or health.

Insofar as L-Fashion Group Oy has no liability under the preceding provisions, this shall also apply to its employees, representatives and vicarious agents.


The L-Fashion Group Oy assumes no liability for the contents of external links. All links from this website to external websites refer only to the fact, that on these websites additional information is available. Regarding the contents of this linked sites, only the providers of those sites are responsible. This means also links to our partners, which are authorized to use our trademarks and to sell our products. The websites, to which you can be linked have their own conditions and terms. The using of those websites is on your own risk.

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All opinions, remarks, comments, artworks, drawings, photographies, links or other information or inputs, videos or other material, which are send to this website by users, or which are send via this website, will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. L-Fashion Group Oy has the non-exclusive, charge free right to use such contents to any purpose, via any medium, to copy and transfer them and to disclose them to any person. The user takes notice of this and agrees, that L-Fashion Group Oy is not responsible or liable for the contents or the correctness of them. Also L-Fashion Group Oy is not committed to supervise or conform the published consumer generated contents.

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