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IKILOMALLA: Sport experiences around the world

IKILOMALLA is a travel blog by an adventurous couple Titta Pousi and Thomas Halloran who will tell stories of their dream trip around the world. Titta and Thomas are athletic and adventurous travelers who are undergoing the biggest travel of their lives from September 2015. The blog’s name "IKILOMALLA" is Finnish and means “forever on holiday”: Return tickets have not been bought! Titta and Thomas have kissed their permanent jobs goodbye in Finland, they have terminated the rent contract of their apartment and they have packed the little remains of their personal property in cardboard boxes.

IKILOMALLA journey will run along a rail track through Siberia and Mongolia, towards the Far East Asia and New Zealand. Titta and Thomas are dreaming of camping in the Siberian steppes, conquering the Great Wall of China, trekking in the Himalayas, deep-sea diving in turquoise waters, experiencing yoga retreats in natural silence, dancing Argentine tango in South America, and training Asian martial arts. IKILOMALLA blog posts describe what kind of sports activities you can experience around the world.

Photo: Derek Latham

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Marita Hakala – Life in Los Angeles: phenomena and trends

Marita Hakala is a Finnish model, entrepreneur and freelance journalist.

After a long career as a model in Finland and abroad, Marita has set up her own modelling agency Portfolio, written the script and acted as a judge for two seasons of Finland’s Mallikoulu model school programme, and worked as an event coordinator for the Naisten Kymppi women’s run and as Specsavers’ B-to-B manager.

In spring 2014, Marita won a Green Card in the Green Card lottery and moved to Los Angeles! In the USA, Marita is looking for new challenges and here in Luhta Brand Store’s blog section she writes about life, phenomena, events and trends in LA.

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Tommi Pärmäkoski – Tips from a physical trainer

Tommi Pärmäkoski is the physical trainer of Finland’s women’s ice hockey team. Before his current post, he was the fitness coach of Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel. In Luhta Brand Store’s blog section, he gives his own training tips. Follow his advice and train like a top sports star! In Tommi’s blog, you’ll find daily exercises and instructions for exercising on your own. Tommi’s aim is to provide individual training advice to sportspeople, whatever the sport, as is borne out by his success in improving the performance of a Formula 1 driver and the women’s ice hockey team.

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Mila Kajas: Holistic wellbeing

Mila Kajas is the head of communications at the Finnish Figure Skating Association.

A sports lover, Mila was a figure skater herself for 21 years, during which she won four Finnish championships, and represented Finland in many top competitions including the Lillehammer Winter Olympics.

Today Mila is involved in a variety of sports and is also interested in holistic wellbeing, and promoting it –while satisfying her competitive instinct by running marathons.

In Luhta Brand Store’s blog section, Mila writes her personal blog about holistic wellbeing and exercise.


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Tommy Rundgren – product tester

Tommy Rundgren has won over 40 Finnish Swimming Championship medals and represented Finland in the national swimming team several times. Besides his own training and competing, he coaches and guides other Masters swimmers in swimming, exercising and diet. At the moment, Tommy is working as a presenter on Radio Voima, as a swimming commentator for Eurosport and as a model. His training as a sports coach and background in competitive sport make him the ideal choice for testing sports products.

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Kaisa Jaakkola – A healthy diet

Kaisa Jaakkola is one of the owners of the Optimal Performance coaching business, a writer of non-fiction, a diet coach and the mother of a little boy called Julius.

Kaisa is passionate about inspiring people to lead healthier lives and shares information about the importance of diet and hormone balance for wellbeing. Kaisa’s three books have sold over 30,000 copies and the two about hormone balance and hormone diet, Hormonitasapaino (2012) and Hormonidieetti (2011), have become bestsellers in Finland. Kaisa’s fourth book, Reipas rakas raskaus, about having an active, happy and healthy pregnancy, will be published in autumn 2014.

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